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Seattle Glider Council Bylaws (pdf)

Articles of Incorporation (pdf)

Origin and Basis of the Seattle Glider Council (pdf)

Policies and Procedures for Use of a SGC Tow Plane at Remote Sites (pdf - see page 2)

SGC KEPH Ground Station FCC Radio License (pdf)

SGC/Seattle ARTCC (2015) Wave Window LOA & Maps (pdf)

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

SGC Board of Directors Election Results - BoD members for 2017:

Craig Funston (chairman)

Noel Wade (asst. chairman)

Mike Newgard

Kevin Finke

Kelvyn Flavall

Movses Babayan

Steve Northcraft

Noel Wade's Interactive Turnpoint Map for Ephrata

2017 OLC Results for North America (ranking by Club) (ranking by Airfield)

Ephrata Airport Glider Takeoff/Landing/Ramp Operations
(Updated for 2011)

Northwest Rocketry Club Mansfield Area Launch Site Coordinates:
Near Mansfield Airport (just SW of runway):
    Lat. 47d 48m 01s N (47d 48.0167m N)
    Lon. 119d 39m 22s W (119d 39.3667m W)
Snell Ranch (East of Mansfield & North of St Andrews):
    Lat. 47d 47m 12.33s N (47d 47.2055m N)
    Lon. 119d 25m 39.63s W (119d 25.6605m W)

FAR 45.11 (paragraph h) Glider Data Plate Exemption

FAA Part 91 Ramp Inspection Procedure (PDF)

SSA 2011 Document re Private Pilot Towing for "Compensation or Hire" (PDF)

Avoid that C-17! Joint Base Lewis-McChord Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (MACA) Web Site and Documents
MACA Pamphlet and MACA Briefing
Fairchild AFB MACA Pamphlet

2015 Year End Financial Review

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2010 Year End Financial Review and Audit Results

         2010 SGC Annual Awards (Powerpoint) Presentation

2009 Year End Financial Review and Audit Results

2016 OLC Club Summary

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John Daly Memorial Article (PDF Format)